Fathers Rights

If you are in the early stages of divorce, National Family Solutions offers assistance for any family law issues. Although the National Family Solutions team is not law firm, they do work with attorneys and legal document assistance and can provide you with legal documents regarding family law.

The father's rights movement began in the 1960’s. It is the goal of the National Family Solutions to help you obtain your rights to see your child. This can include anything from visiting rights to physical custody. Their fathers rights program includes fast and aggressive tactics, emergency fillings, contempt of court filings, nationwide service, custody and visitation enforcement, custody and visitation establishment, and child support service.

National Family Solutions family law program utilizes the expertise of lawyers, legal document specialists, and case managers who work together to provide each of their clients with a personalized program.This gives you the opportunity to resolve the family law issues in a timely manner and allows you to save money as well. Once you get started, they will match you with a case manager who will work with you every step of the way. They will go over what plans work best for you as well as going over your case options. Their innovated father’s rights program will guide you through the extensive process and will save you money in the long run. The National Family Solutions dedicated staff is standing by to help you with any family law issues you may have.